Clean Cube Bin

Introducing Clean CUBE – the Smartest Way to Win Against Waste

Solar Powered Compaction Bins & Sensors

  • Reduce waste collection costs by up to 85%
  • Use bins that hold up to eight times more waste than traditional bins
  • Optimise waste collection with real-time waste monitoring

Clean CUBE’s compacting and recycling bins monitor the fill-level and bin status in real time, and use analytics
to optimise collection schedules and routes. Only collect full bins, use compaction to hold up to eight times
more waste and reduce collection costs by up to 85%.

Clean CUBE is ideal for popular public hotspots that are frequently troubled by garbage overflows particularly in New Zealand’s tourist regions. It’s perfect for town centres, shopping malls, parks, transit stations, schools, and sports stadiums.


Built-in compaction: The built-in, patented waste compactor is triggered automatically based on the bin’s fill-level. It’s compatible with both standard 120 and 240 wheelie bins/MGB.

Wireless smarts: The Clean CUBE communicates the information it collects in real-time through wireless transmission : 2G and 3G telecommunication modules are available through WCDMA and GSM networks.

Design & advertising-friendly: Spread your marketing message by wrapping and printing your bins, or generate additional revenue with LED or LCD advertising screens.

Safe & secure: The Clean CUBE bin meets and surpasses safety standards. It features a secure locking mechanism, a hand detection safety sensor, and a fire detection sensor.

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