Park Furniture & Park Supplies

Park Furniture & Park Supplies

Public spaces such as parks and reserves celebrate everything that’s good about urban living – greenery, fresh air and tranquillity in a central location, where we can safely take the kids for a picnic, catch a breather from the hectic city streets or enjoy a stroll away from the noisy traffic.

Park furniture plays an important role in shaping these spaces, adding style, character, convenience and safety. What would a park be without its bench seats, table settings, litter bins, bike racks, drinking fountains and commercial barbecue areas?

Investing in Park Furniture and Supplies

Nobody has to think too hard to find a reason to go to a park on a beautiful day. Well-designed public parks attract everyone from couples with families, to teenagers getting together for a game of touch rugby and senior citizens out for a stroll.

What developers and local councils invest in supplies and facilities for their parks will help define the outdoor spaces they create. Are they attractive, interesting, unique, creative, functional, quirky, eye-opening? Or just another public park?

The park furniture and supplies chosen for these outdoor spaces will largely decide the type of environment they create and how it will be perceived by the public.

Park solutions from Urban Effects help you make the statement you are looking for without compromising quality or durability. Our products are modern, original, robust, easy to maintain, safety compliant and well-priced, with an exclusive range from Europe.

Wide Range of Products

Urban Effects is a fresh, new venture from seasoned local business entrepreneurs, with 20 years experience. Our wide range of public furniture products are ideal for school playgrounds, sports and recreational facilities, shopping centres, workplaces, and community facilities such as parks. Urban Effects are also the exclusive local New Zealand distributor of quality, innovative Metalco park furniture solutions, allowing us to stay ahead of the curve and offer our clients the very best products.

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