TimberImage ™

TimberImage ™

Western Red Cedar

TimberImage™ is a wood look process that takes the natural warm look and feel of timber grain and permanently etches it onto a maintenance-free aluminium extrusion!

Unlike real wood, exposure to sunlight over time won’t cause fading, rotting or splitting of TimberImage™. This means the stunning wood grain finish never needs painting or staining, saving thousands of dollars in maintenance costs alone. it is easy to clean, doesn’t warp or dry out in the sun, and is splinter-free. It can also be used in areas susceptible to extreme fire danger.

TimberImage™ provides the look and feel of timber while conserving our environment.

This process is not an overlay or laminate it becomes part of the paint coating so will not peel or flake over time.

  • Strength of aluminium with the look of timber.
  • More durable than composite.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Never needs repainting.
  • Won’t warp or dry out.
  • Termite and insect proof.
  • Won’t rot, splinter or crack.
  • Great in fire danger areas.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Saves on costly maintenance.

Available TimberImage™ Colours

Dark Cedar

Light Cedar

Western Red Cedar

Heart Rimu

Black Wattle