Molecular Concrete Furniture

Molecular Concrete Furniture

The Stile Molecular Concrete collection by Metalco brings a new level of luxury to concrete. Combining serious structural strength with sophisticated curves and edgy design, it is concrete “reborn”.

Lighter than traditional concrete and marble, molecular concrete injects versatility and vision to an ‘everyday’ material. From bench seats, litter bins, bike racks and bollards to beautiful vertical gardens for apartment buildings, the Stile collection is breaking new ground for outdoor spaces.


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The collection uses Performance and Ultra-High-Performance Concrete, as well as other outstanding materials including beechwood, powder-coated steel and aluminium, and stainless steel.

HPC (Performance Concrete)

  • A mixture made of performance reinforced concrete, with the addition of granite and marble aggregates.
  • Surfaces treated with special anti-deterioration products, increasing lifespan and resilience.
  • “Antigraffiti” treatment is available.

UHPC (Ultra-High-Performance Concrete)

  • Ultra-high performance reinforced concrete, providing extraordinary freedom of design.
  • Available with smooth, textured, woodgrain type, and customised finishes.
  • Special stain-resistant waterproofing treatment.