Street Furniture Maintenance Measures

Street Furniture Maintenance Measures

It takes a few simple steps to maximise the life of our outdoor commercial, street and park furniture – particularly in extreme environments where it is exposed to harsh conditions or treatment.

Take the time to decide early if your site is exposed to abrasive or corrosive elements, direct harsh sunlight or high ultra violet radiation, and potential vandalism. If so, it’s crucial to plan and undertake the right preventative maintenance.

Street and park furniture in coastal areas are at risk

Our furniture is engineered from high quality marine grade alloys, utilises stainless steel fasteners and specially formulated hybrid coatings, it can take many years for corrosion to effect their structural integrity. However, extreme conditions will cause surface rust on the powder coated surfaces and on the stainless steel fastenings if the corrosive residue is not regularly washed off.

Furniture subjected to extreme conditions should be thoroughly washed down every month

An entire wash down with detergent will remove salt build-up, road grime, and other extraneous matter, all of which can limit park and urban street furniture life. Extreme cases should be washed with high-pressure washers or hoses, taking care to flush out narrow gaps and ledges of any corrosive residue. The process should include an initial water blast, detergent water blast, and then a wash down with clean water. Detergents such as dish washing detergents can be corrosive and should be avoided.

Some components need additional maintenance in high UV areas to prevent fading and cracking

Furniture situated in tropical or sub tropical areas, desert conditions and areas prone to high ultra violet readings are constantly subjected to extremes in heat radiation. Plastic components and powder coated surfaces will need additional maintenance in these conditions to help fading or cracking.

Regular inspection and repair is required in high profile areas where vandalism is a risk

Where street furniture is located in high-profile parks, eateries or vandal prone areas, regular inspection and repair will ensure longevity of life.

Timber needs preventative maintenance

As timber is a natural product, exposure to harsh elements without the necessary preventative maintenance will allow weathering and cracking over time. This can be minimised by treating all timber surfaces with a UV resistant oil twice yearly or three times in more severe conditions.