As the sole distributor of Metalco products in New Zealand, we are proud to provide you with exclusive local access to the latest in European design and style.

With sophisticated curves, contours and colours, the Metalco range is modern and edgy but refined. Metalco products are perfectly suited to New Zealand’s contemporary cities as well as our beautiful local regions.

With leading architectural design that complements the natural environment, Metalco brings new levels of stunning visual appeal and everyday functionality.

Best of all, Metalco does it at the right price, providing real value for money and low-maintenance durability. It’s the new generation range that helps you create a unique and striking space that people want to spend time in, day after day.

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Like Urban Effects, Metalco has a strong eco focus.

We give the greatest level of attention to ecology by:

  • Using wood from certified forests that are managed fairly and responsibly;
  • Including 100% recyclable products in every component;
  • Covering our own energy demands through solar power.

Every year, Metalco avoids emitting around 5,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, which is equivalent to the energy consumption of 300 homes.

We are proud to play our part in preserving the outdoors and our unique environment.

To view Metalco’s credentials click here.


Browse our catalogues to get a taste of Metalco – we’d love to talk to you about incorporating it into your next project.

Metalco Time Collection (61.2MB)

Corten & Inox (15.6MB)

Marble Stone Collection (6.1MB)

Lola Collection (10MB)