Australian Spotted Gum

Australian spotted gum

Beautiful Australian timber naturally made for the harshest Australian conditions.

How better to create beautiful street furniture for a beautiful country then to utilise Australia’s finest hardwood? The timber used in our products is manufactured solely from Spotted Gum. This unique species of Australian eucalyptus hardwood is grown in some of the harshest environments in the country. Consequently Spotted Gum is not only renowned for its beauty and colour, but also holds the highest durability ranking in the world.

Its incredible durability can be attributed to its unrivalled density and fine grained structure. Inferior imported timbers such as Kwila and Teak can be up to 50 percent less dense than Spotted Gum. Our customers can be confident in the knowledge that the timber in their Urban Effects’ products offers the highest resistance to weather, rot, termites and borers.

Spotted Gum’s durability is challenged only by its rich natural beauty. The Spotted Gum’s fine grained structure delivers a stunning marriage of unique grain variation and vivid colour. Urban Effects’ affords its clients an untouched natural beauty, applying no stain to any of its timber products.

Our bench seats, street furniture and outdoor picnic tables are the epitome of hard-wearing, low maintenance timber furniture. Spotted Gum is naturally rich in oils. To preserve its natural beauty a simple application of general purpose furniture oil is recommended.

All of our products are oiled before packing. To ensure an optimum end user experience and maximum longevity we recommend hosing down the furniture, allowing it to dry, then re-oiling timber surfaces after assembly.

Our Spotted Gum is a strictly managed timber resource, ensuring no rainforest timber is disturbed in order to create our products.