Sustainability – it’s a conscious choice

Sustainability – it’s a conscious choice

At Urban Effects, we recognise the link between the quality of our natural and built environment, and our quality of life.

We’re passionate about creating spaces that enrich the life of people, communities, cities, towns and regions. This is backed by everyday actions and decisions to adopt cleaner, greener practices in our operations.

We offer a mix of high-quality local products and selected ranges from committed global leaders like Metalco.

Sustainable design drives us: considering the full lifecycle of materials and products; maximising durability, adaptability and usefulness; and minimising maintenance, environmental impact and waste.

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Our Sustainability Commitment: a snapshot


We choose like-minded suppliers and partner with clients to motivate sustainable choices at every opportunity.

  • Metalco’s manufacturing facilities include an incredible 7,500 roof-top solar panels.
  • A wide range of products use aluminium sourced from McKechnie, the first aluminium extruder to achieve world-class CEMARS environmental certification.
  • We consciously help clients choose durable, natural, and recyclable materials – and create spaces for community and environmental wellbeing.


Wherever possible, we choose sustainable materials with limited negative impact  on natural resources, people and environment.

  • We are ever increasing our use of sustainably sourced, recycled and recyclable materials, including FSC and PEFC accredited timber, aluminium, recycled concrete and wood-plastic composites.
  • More and more of our suppliers are incorporating innovative materials like 100% recyclable Corten (with a rust-like appearance via eco-friendly oxidisation).

Products & Features

We seek and provide smart products that save water and energy, reduce waste, and encourage urban greening including:

  • Modular, multi-purpose products with the flexibility to adapt, rather than replace.
  • Beautifully designed products to support and accommodate shrubs, trees and plants.
  • Power-saving community barbeques, water-savings drink fountains, and responsible waste management products like recycling litter bins.

Processes & Operations

We strive to conserve energy, manage water use and minimise waste.

  • We re-use timber and cardboard packaging wherever possible and ensure effective waste management and separation.
  • Choose products designed for a long lifespan – with smart disassembly for responsible end-of-life management.
  • Source majority of products locally (with minimal transportation required) as well as hand-picked ranges from global leaders with proven environmental credentials.